your phone line, augmented.

  • With Viktor, Your agenda makes the call

    Schedule a time and naturel.io will make the call, read our message, and send the reply it received by mail.


    No more remembering to call the hairdresser.

    With Silvere feel free to smart up your phone line

    Configure the behaviour of your vocal phone assistant when a call is picked up :

    • Enquire about the intent
    • Redirect calls depending on a set of flexible and overlapping rules.
    • Provide answers to enquiries 24/7
    • Get a record of each and every call received.

    Silvere is just your most valuable business assistant.

    Let Hektor be your phone alter ego

    For all the occasions when you want to keep your phone number secret, Hektor is your spare phone line.

    Give Hektor's number to strangers and online marketplaces to handle the calls for you.

    Hektor will send you a written report of its interactions.

    Call Karl, your mobility assistant

    Need a ride ? or need a car to drive away ? Karl is here to serve.

    Karl knows your preferences, your point of interests and is very friendly.


    For a demo contact us.